Senin, 12 November 2007

How do you make a go kart!

To make a go kart first you have this tools such as:

  1. Hammer

  2. Hand Saw

  3. Electric Hand Drill

  4. Adjustable Spanner

  5. Measuring Tape/Ruler

  6. Metal Hacksaw

  7. Planks of 3"x4" timber/lumber, Planks of 1"x4" timber/lumber

  8. Nails (2" (inch) Round Nails), (5" (inch) Round Nails)

  9. Diameter Round Metal Bar Length of 3/4" (15mm)

  10. 4 Wheels

  11. Range of Washers

  12. Range of Bolts and Nuts and Split Pins

Once you have all your items you will start by designing/draw your go kart such as how will it looks like and were will you put the parts of your go kart.

PART one: measure how long and how thick your wood to make sure that the nails or gear can go threw into the planks.

PART two: make a chart of what the firts thing to do and were would the parts go.

PART three: measure and fix your planks such as making the hole so the nail can go threw and make a cuted line to attached another plank into another.

PART four: start placing your nails on the wheels your brake your planks and also placing nails on your chair to stick it .

After you done doing all those parts start making your go kart if you are a beginner like me you have to have a mentore to help you to nuild it and other things.

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Mrs. Jane mengatakan...

This go kart looks great. Do you think that you would be able to make it by following your own instructions?