Kamis, 29 Mei 2008

At 12 of May 2008 the class had a field trip to the waterfall. I was sick that day but they say it was awesome and the water is very cold. The worst thingthey said was that they to go threw this long path and full of rocks, but it was worthit when they saw the beauty of the waterfall. Anyway, I'm gonna share to you some of my experience at Bali.

Bali is a beautyful place to have a holliday don you think? At Bali I visited many beautifull places like the totaly awesome Kutai Beach, kowabanga dudes and dudeds! Next I visited this place with many monkeys I forgot the name but it was cool! Before I went home from the place with the monkeys I saw this big monkey holding a brand new handy cam it was stolen from this Japan or China person.

And at the last day I slept at a 5 star hotel. It was a so cool the swiming pool is so big the is great and they have a complete give shop with every thing you need. They have a hot tub in your bathroom and let me tell you, It feels good after playing jet ski in the beach!!!

And that is all for now, talk to you next time.

Minggu, 25 Mei 2008

Fragile Enviorments

Fragile enviorment, there is many in Indonesia such as this one about floods. A massive disaster has begun in Indonesia at Pondok Gede after floods nearly destroyed the houses, stores and markets.

Thousands of people are still living in temporary shelters after heavy rain caused rivers to burst their banks. Hundreds of stores have been destroyed and lots of flooded buildings are being mopped up. Many people are also being treated for infections from flood water and, there are afraid that more rain would come!
There is people asking for donations because the heavy rain caused rivers near Pondok Gede to burst, covering much of the city with stinking black water. The floods were the worst to hit Indonesia for many years. Telephone and electricity lines were cut and several roads were left underwater. Up to 100 people died in the disaster and around 300,000 have been left homeless.

The farmers are complaining to the goverment about the flood that destroyed all their hard work of growing the rice plants. The farmers are also complaning of what should their sell to people in the store and what should they feed their family with no money. With no money kids and adults are starting to ask for some change in the street and start asking for donastions.

That is why the house, villages anad rice fields is an fragile enviorment.

Minggu, 24 Februari 2008

Charlie Bucket

Charlie Bucket is a poor boy who lives with his Mum&Dad and his grandparents. He had the same thing to eat for breakfast and lunch. Charlie got a chocolate bar for his birthday each year. Charlie heard the news that Mr Willy Wonka is sending 5 golden tickets to come inside his factory in his famous Wonka bars. Soon 4 golden tickets was found, Charlie was worried that he is not going to find the last golden ticket. The next day Charlie heard the news the last golden ticket was found he walk slowly in sadness. In the road he found 10 bucks, so he rush to the candy store and buy a wonka bar and inside it he saw the last golden ticket!!! He start to shout and told every one that he found the last golden ticket. And that is how the poor Charlie Bucket got in the Willy Wonka factory.

Kamis, 06 Desember 2007

Book cover of bridge to terabithia

Book cover of bridge to terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia Answers

Q: Why is Jess wearing neither a shirt nor shoes?
A: He doesn't wear a shirt because once he is outside it would be as hot as popping grease and he doesn't wear shoes because he only has his worn-out sneakers.

Q: Why has he gotten up early every morning in the summer?
A: He woke up in the summer very early because to practice his running while nobody is awake.

Q: Who is Miss Bessie?
A: Miss Bessie is a cow that Jess' family owns.

Q : What news does May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch?
A : The news was that May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch, that a new family was about to move in at the Perkins' place.

Q : Why does Jess like May Belle?
A : He likes May Belle because she is the only one that worships him than her other sisters.

Q : What does Jess keep under the mattress?
A : The things that Jess kepp’s under his mattress it’s his pad and pencils to keep his stuff from his Dad and other people.

Q : What was Jess’ first reaction when he met Leslie Burke?
A : His reaction is being shy when seeing Leslie Bruke.
Q : How is Leslie different to the other students?
A : Leslie was different from the other students because she likes to uses her imagination.

Q : What did the boys organize outside once they had been dismissed after eating their lunch?
A : They organize a running race of the fifth graders and the fourth graders.

Q : Why does Jess sit beside May Bell on the bus?
A :He sits Beside May Belle to make sure that Leslie won't sit beside him on the bus.

Q : Why running wasn’t fun anymore?
A: Running is not fun anymore because lelie keeps winning the race and she always beat the boys on running.

Q : Why was Leslie unable to do the project on Jacques Cousteau?
A: She is unable to do it because she has no television set in her house.

Q : Have you ever had a secret place where you went with your friends? Describe it?
A: No, but it would be delightful to have one to share with my friends.

Q: Who was the ‘real’ giant in their lives?
A: The giant is Janice Avery.

Q : What plan of action do they decide on to pay back Janice Avery?
A:They plan to make a letter that will make Janice Avery thinks that the writer loves her which is Willard Hughes, but it is actually Leslie Burke and Jess.

Senin, 12 November 2007

How do you make a go kart!

To make a go kart first you have this tools such as:

  1. Hammer

  2. Hand Saw

  3. Electric Hand Drill

  4. Adjustable Spanner

  5. Measuring Tape/Ruler

  6. Metal Hacksaw

  7. Planks of 3"x4" timber/lumber, Planks of 1"x4" timber/lumber

  8. Nails (2" (inch) Round Nails), (5" (inch) Round Nails)

  9. Diameter Round Metal Bar Length of 3/4" (15mm)

  10. 4 Wheels

  11. Range of Washers

  12. Range of Bolts and Nuts and Split Pins

Once you have all your items you will start by designing/draw your go kart such as how will it looks like and were will you put the parts of your go kart.

PART one: measure how long and how thick your wood to make sure that the nails or gear can go threw into the planks.

PART two: make a chart of what the firts thing to do and were would the parts go.

PART three: measure and fix your planks such as making the hole so the nail can go threw and make a cuted line to attached another plank into another.

PART four: start placing your nails on the wheels your brake your planks and also placing nails on your chair to stick it .

After you done doing all those parts start making your go kart if you are a beginner like me you have to have a mentore to help you to nuild it and other things.