Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2007

My religious expo!

In my religios expo I will make a power point presentation(P.P.T)! Inside my power point presentation I will put the celebration of Islam and the Religion. I will gather information and pictures of the Islam celebration called Idul fitri.

The PPT will be made in my laptop and be shown at November 1 2007. The information will be writen in my own words and printed. And the picture will be also be printed and shown at my groups board.

Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2007


Dear Diary

at wednesday 10-10-07 I bought 2 clothes.

I bought one that has a superman logo on the middle!

The other one has a starbuck coffee on it!

Rabu, 03 Oktober 2007

Beatrix Potter

Is your imagination as amazing as Beatrix Potter? Can you talk to your drawings? Beatrix Potter does but, do you? Here’s some information about Beatrix Potter!

Her drawings were so amazing that she could talk to them. She started drawing when she was little. The story that she made up started to become real for her. She drew and drew everyday until she made a book about her made up story. She wanted to publish her book but this time using colors.

After she had published her books, she started a party to celebrate. In the first it was a little bit hard. But in the end it turned out ok. Her mum still didn’t like her drawing all the time.

In the end she got married with William Hillies. Her first crush pasted away. Her mum didn’t like her first crush Mr. Warne. So there you have it the story of Beatrix Potter.