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Book cover of bridge to terabithia

Book cover of bridge to terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia Answers

Q: Why is Jess wearing neither a shirt nor shoes?
A: He doesn't wear a shirt because once he is outside it would be as hot as popping grease and he doesn't wear shoes because he only has his worn-out sneakers.

Q: Why has he gotten up early every morning in the summer?
A: He woke up in the summer very early because to practice his running while nobody is awake.

Q: Who is Miss Bessie?
A: Miss Bessie is a cow that Jess' family owns.

Q : What news does May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch?
A : The news was that May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch, that a new family was about to move in at the Perkins' place.

Q : Why does Jess like May Belle?
A : He likes May Belle because she is the only one that worships him than her other sisters.

Q : What does Jess keep under the mattress?
A : The things that Jess kepp’s under his mattress it’s his pad and pencils to keep his stuff from his Dad and other people.

Q : What was Jess’ first reaction when he met Leslie Burke?
A : His reaction is being shy when seeing Leslie Bruke.
Q : How is Leslie different to the other students?
A : Leslie was different from the other students because she likes to uses her imagination.

Q : What did the boys organize outside once they had been dismissed after eating their lunch?
A : They organize a running race of the fifth graders and the fourth graders.

Q : Why does Jess sit beside May Bell on the bus?
A :He sits Beside May Belle to make sure that Leslie won't sit beside him on the bus.

Q : Why running wasn’t fun anymore?
A: Running is not fun anymore because lelie keeps winning the race and she always beat the boys on running.

Q : Why was Leslie unable to do the project on Jacques Cousteau?
A: She is unable to do it because she has no television set in her house.

Q : Have you ever had a secret place where you went with your friends? Describe it?
A: No, but it would be delightful to have one to share with my friends.

Q: Who was the ‘real’ giant in their lives?
A: The giant is Janice Avery.

Q : What plan of action do they decide on to pay back Janice Avery?
A:They plan to make a letter that will make Janice Avery thinks that the writer loves her which is Willard Hughes, but it is actually Leslie Burke and Jess.